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Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1

#KW020 Women in Taoism
Catherine Despeux & Livia Kohn
296 pages, softbound, $24.95

This is a major study. Livia Kohn and Chaterine Despeux have become major interpreters of Daoist studies individually and, in this text, together. Despite the often unfair and sexist aspects of Chinese culture, there are, as there must be extenuating and normalizing influences in the world of gender. Many of these are found in the often surprisingly egalitarian world of Daoism. This book is divided into three major sections: Goddesses, Immortals and Ordinands and Women’s Transformation. Daoist female practitioners were often the most radical women in a feudal society refraining sometimes from “the inevitable push toward marriage” and setting themselves apart like He XiangGu, “I preserve my chastity, follow GuanYin (Kuan Yin), and refrain from marriage.” Masters of internal alchemy these talented and independent women were often scholars and leaders. This collaborative book is dense with information about these past masters and their contribution to a walk through the inner landscape which is followed even today.