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Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1

#KS011 Secrets of Chinese Meditation
Charles Luk (Lu KuanYu)
240 pages, softbound, US $16.95

This is a classic text that presents a rare opportunity: a chance to study the ancient and original sources which are the basis for most contemporary texts on consciousness development. This concise volume is a presentation of different methods of meditation as practiced in China, including extracts from ancient and modern classics as well as detailed suggestions for practice. It includes: 25 basic meditation methods from the Surangama Sutra A series of practical instructions by ancient and modern Ch'an masters for controlling the mind. Detailed suggestions for practicing the vital T'ien T'ai systems for calming the mind
...and more.


Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1#KW005 The Way of Qigong
Kenneth S. Cohen
428 pages, softbound, US $16.95

If, by chance, you actually want to sound like you know anything about the subject of Qigong, you should immediately go out and buy this book. Kenneth S. Cohen is a scholar, and from personal experience, a gentleman. He has also written what must be a source book for every practitioner. He calls this "The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing" and he's afraid of neither. He has garnered a ton of scientific work while clearly and patiently explaining the essence of Qigong. Do we agree with everything? Two martial artists, three opinions as they say. But for integrity, honesty, thoughtfulness and just plain work, this jumps to the list of essential volumes. You think we're positive about this book? Wait till you read the review. Buy the book and buy it at full price and support someone who is actually doing some significant work in the field.

$15.00; 40 pages,

Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1

#KE003 The Taoist 8-Sectioned Chi Kung
(free standing)
by Dr. Leung Ting shown by Sifu Siu Yuk Men
26 pages, softbound oversized, US $8.50

This book is a FULL COLOR rendition of the famous 8 pieces of brocade. The pictures are very clear and the instruction is side-by-side showing the standing version of this exec rise. This first edition came out in 1995 and this is the first time we've seen it. Not that common. The format is a slick paged full color production with some front notes and then the formal explanation of each of the eight sections. Almost a posture from its size and clarity.

$15.00; 40 pages,

Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1#KA009 The Art of Chi Kung
Wong Kiew Kit
162 pages, softbound, US $18.95 PLUM PRICE $16.95

In this fascinating text Sifu Wong Kiew Kit explores the principles philosophy of Chi Kung, explaining its beneficial effects, and then guides you through a series of Chi Kung exercises which you can learn and practice at home. Teacher Wong Kiew Kit has been studying, teaching and promoting Chi Kung for decades. But there's more. He's a no-nonsense aficionado who believes both principally and philosophically in what he teaches. In other words he authentically wants to help people. He writes well and directly. He knows what he teaches. He has demonstrated publicly to show the efficacy of his work. He also discourages people from thinking of Chi Kung as a quick cure or "treat your friend's cancer in a week" malarkey. This text deals in specifics like Chi Kung for stress management, for sexual problems, for longevity, etc. One chapter is on distant Chi transmission, another on the conceptual basis of miracles. Wong is not afraid to deal with the sketchy topics because he is absolutely convinced of the rationality of his work. He didn't discover Chi Kung last month.

$15.00; 40 pages,
Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1

#KC014 Chinese Ching Kung
for physical and mental health

edited by Captain Tom Marks, US Army,
Translated by Dominic Liu
37 pages, softbound pamphlet, US $7.95

This little pamphlet was one of the first books ever translated into the English language. Interestingly enough such practices as Qigong were almost exclusively recognized first by the martial arts community. It sets down in simple terms, often question and answer, the basics of Chi Kung. Finally, there is a special section on the treatment of nocturnal emissions. Small pamphlet, no illustrations. This is probably the 1975 edition. Limited supply

$15.00; 40 pages,


On Reading QiGong Books

There are literally thousands of styles of Chi Kung (Qigong) in China. Some are famous and involved. Some are obscure and quite simple. There is also a lot of misinformation on the topic. For instance the term "Ch'i Kung" or Ch'i Exercise, was rarely if ever used before 1950. Ch'i Kung is, in some sense, a newly created designation compiled from older sources. Like the ubiquitous "Medical Chi K'ung" it is a term with little meaning more meant to capture attention and a market than anything else. Formerly, Ch'i Kung, which was more commonly known as "Nei Kung" was divided into three classical forms based on its use and origin: Scholarly, Martial and Religious. Each had attributes and characteristics and any could be used for health. The idea that you did this exercise for that illness was not often utilized and was far more personalized and sophisticated than much of what we see today. Nonetheless, this is a great study and should be scrutinized with care and intelligence. This is why we have so few book listed considering the immense popularity of the subject. As in the case of Feng Shui books, few are good enough to waste time with.