Presenting a NEW book by
Ted Mancuso and Narrye Caldwell L.Ac
Blossoms in the Spring:
A Perfect Method of Qigong

In this exciting new approach to an ancient art the authors explain the complete Blossoms in the Spring, a Taoist exercise for health, serenity and harmonization. The Blossoms in the Spring is a beautiful, graceful regimen which can be performed from almost any position. It captures the relaxation of Qigong and the health concepts of Chinese medicine. Buy Blossoms in the Spring and introduce yourself to a new world of awareness and vitality.

Normally $16.95 , pre-publication discount 15% only $14.40

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Table of Contents

Welcome to the Garden
The Soft Silence

Section One: Foundations
What is Qigong?
Benefits of Blossoms in the Spring
Blossoms Q&A
Sitting, Comfort, Posture: Frame
Terms You Should Know
Standing Exercises

Section Two: The Blossoms Form

Section Three: Enhancements
Chinese Medicine and Qigong
Key Acupuncture Points
A New Paradigm for Qigong
Range of Motion and Reversing Aging
Enhancing Your Practice

Point Locators
About the Authors

 Each page shows you just where you are in the form!