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Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1

BW028 WuJiShi Breathing Exercise
from the teachings of Cai Song Fang

101 pages, softbound, illustrations  $16.95
OUT of PRINT, but will return soon!


When I first stumbled on this text I was unaware of Yi Quan. Therefore my reaction to the book was without concern for its martial origins and applications. I was taken with the comments on its relation to my own first Taiji style, Yang Shi, and the use of the WuJiShi practice by my Great-Grandteacher, Yang Chen Fu. Cai supports this by claiming the WuJiShi was passed down from Yang to Ye De Mi then Jin Ren Lin and then to himself. Cai is responsible for bringing this method to the South and the Guangzhou area. Though quite tehnical in parts, this is a small gem of inspirational teaching: solid, foundational Qigong in a world suddenly hustling faddish and questionble techniques. Whether you subscribe to the Yi Quan general theory or not, this is a fine source of information.


Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1

KE006 Empty Force:
The Power of Chi for Self-Defense and Energy Healing
Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill
179 pages illustrated $16.95 our price

"Empty Force, or Ling Kong Jing, is an extraordinary technique that harnesses the power of chi (the body's vital energy), enabling masters of the art to defend themselves against opponents and heal themselves and others without physical contact. Through the practice of this method, one gains mastery of the mind and spirit and gives rise to a physical force that can affect others—a powerful maifestation of the achievement of harmony wth nature."

There is little doubt that Empty Force is the most controversial of topics from the area of Kung Fu and Chi Kung. This is a reissue of one of the first books written in English on the subject.

  • The Mystery of Chi
  • The Empty Force
  • The Empty Force Masters
  • The Great Debate
  • Martial Arts, Tai Chi and Chi Kung
  • The Healing Power
  • A "How-To" Guide to the Empty Force
  • The Students Speak

Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1

The Essence of Taoism Qigong

Internal and External Dan Exercise
by Wang Feng Ming
225 pages, illustrated with photos, softbound $27.95


Besides being a student of Feng Zhi Qiang, Mr. Wang is also his son-in-law. His access to top level information about the art of Qigong shows throughout this text. You will note PLUM does not have a large collection of Qigong books. This is because so many of the dozens we review are mediocre approaching terrible. This is not the case here. But be aware, this is translated from the Chinese. The relatively good use of English ocasionally lapses despite the quality of the explanations. This book is divided in eight sections. It follows the typical Chinese approach to knowledge where definitions are paramount so much of this book is dedicated to supplying definitions. This can be deceptive because the definitions are actually crucial to an understanding of real Qigong. So "tranquility" for instance is seen as a combination of multiple factors and learning these factors makes "tranqujility" more than a word. This book is most appropriate to the Qigong practitoner, martial artist or Chinese style doctor. Sections divide into explanation, execises and a Q & A section. Most books on this subject fall into two categories: useless because it's just "passed down" information or too airy. This is solid, technical and informative but will bear your concentration. Feng Zhi Qiang was, by the way, not only a top martial artist and Qigong expert but the student of Hu YaoZhen, basically the father of modern Qigong.


"The Essence of Taoism Qigong" is OUT OF STOCK at present,


Terry Dunn Chi Kung #1

K009 6 Healing Movements Qigong
Master Gin Foon Mark
80 pages, softbound, photographs and illustrations, oversized,

Gin Foon Mark has been around for a long time. A master of Southern Mantis, a student in temples since his childhood, an inheritor of a fine martial lineage: he is well chosen to write a book like this. This is a significant text because the Six Healing sounds are famous and well documented in Chinese history. In this case we have the benefit of Mark having studied directly from Ma Lai Tong, the developer of this version of the sound Qigong and a famous Qigong expert. This book covers many topics such as tongue position, basic postures, exercises for separate organs, circulating qi on the microcosmic orbit and more. Thin but packed with information.

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